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As per request of Dr. Liubov Gordina, President of NSEWA, we are pleased to post this article about the work of Dr. I. Krasnikov and E. Radko, presented recently at a Conference in Moscow (see previous releases) for your information and participation, hoping it will contribute ultimately towards the upgrade of humanity´s consciousness, in search of Direction and Purpose.

Profa. Tania Belfort

Earth Charter, Rio+20 - 2012


I. Krasnikov, E. Radko
Independent researchers. (Kiev, Ukraine).

PACS: 01.40.-d; 01.55.+b; 01.70.+w; 01.75.+m;14.20.Dh; 98.80.-k

Abstract This work is the review of main positions of knowledge about the building, functionality, and eraction in the Universe, which had been developed on the base of postulate about communication of All Existence in the World into united "Information Field" of the Universe. The most important affirmation in such presentation there is a biquity and primariness of the "Consciousnesses of Absolutes" and in all the processes, without exception, what is occurring in the Universe. It is explained the structure of the Universe, clarifying the meaning of the major conceptual categories such as "Time", "Information", "Energy", "Space", "Mass", "Informational Field", "Knowledge"; their relationship and interconnection is shown. Data about the kinds of energy and about the carriers of an information in the Universe is brought, as well as the processes of forming of "informational flows" and  all about the  "Information Field", the "informational matrixes" and about the ambience of their existence; also about "world ether" and vacuum, about structure of atoms and particularities of structure of radioactive atoms, as well as about the essence of radioactive radiation. It formulates the main task standing today before Mankind – the rapid overtype of existed natural-scientific paradigm on the base of proposed new knowledge for radical change of "total information potential" of Society before the forthcoming entering of the planet into the space of Universe with compacted energy.

  1. Introduction.
  2. The basic notions.
  3. Informational Complex of the Universe.
  4. Structure of levels of the Universe.
  5. Matrix Field.      
  6. Calibration network.
  7. Glunometry Space.                                
  8. "World ether" and vacuum. 
  9. Interaction in the Universe.
  10. Primary structural forms.
  11. Dyad ("Matter"/"Anti-Matter").                 
  12. Structural elements of atom.
  13. The particularity of structure of radioactive atoms. 
  14. Radioactive radiation.
  15. Conclusion.

1.     Introduction.

All positions of the new natural-scientific paradigm, which are represented in the "Cosmological Physics" are founded under new understanding of the physical image of the world and developed according by the postulate of communication of "All of Existence" in the world into the "Uniform Informational Field". It is the first step towards the creation of new theory of transformation and transition into each other of such categories, as Time, Space, Energy, Information, challenging the necessity of introduction of new concepts and presentations into such ancient science, as Physics.

All of there is the Information. All of is permeated with the Information. All of exists and may be converted into the Information. It is the most fundamental concept of the "Cosmological Physics" [1]. During all many-age-old history of human civilization, knowledge about this Unity in one or another degree was known enough well, and it was transmitting from generation into generation in varied manners, was fixed in variform systems of presentations. Now it become a time for the introduction of this knowledge into the traditional scientific analysis, because the latest results of experimental studies requires the changes of a numerous conventional basic postulates.  In modern science the notion "Information" exists in much more broad sense, than earlier: this isn't simply word, this - a universal category. It exists as phenomenon, creating something similar to itself, but not always in initial importance and meaning.

The first sign of the Information there is "non-disappearance". She does not disappear, but she may serve as derivative of another physical phenomenon, such as: Space, Energy, and Energy Potential.

The second sign of Information - a possibility to produce a new feature in the same form as itself, as well as and the possibility of the transition into absolutely another quality and features. Information can create the Space, conditioned by Time, by Energy and by an Energy Potential - this is so-called transition of "non-material" essence into "material" essence. This is a unique generator of "All of Existence". The Nucleus of this generator is located in the depth of Core of The Universe.

2.     The basic notions.          

In modern physics exists such false presentation as "annihilation" - the process of the conversion of the particle and anti-particle into the other particles, occurring upon their "collision".

Indeed this is not a "collision" of the particle and anti-particle, being accompanied by disappearance of a space, of a time and of an energy, what characterize the fractals of this particle and anti-particle, but there is an interaction of their fractals - with change of their qualitative structure during a certain time, and with transition of all these categories into informational manner of existence [1]. Information herewith is coding into "zero-space". This is a "convolution of space", the main sign of which is "zero" of information at this moment - i.e. absence of all signs of the information - in forms, accustomed for determination in terrestrial conditions. This "convolution of space" is a transitional stage, in which the information is in a state of its temporary spatial stillness. Strictly in given instant is creating the "Law", which will determine a further existence of this information. This does not signify that in the "convolution" - the information is in frozen (dead) state. It is a temporary anabiosis and temporary state.

The intercoupling between main conceptual categories is demonstrated by a "Topological scheme of Triagonal Structure of the Universe", represented on Fig. 1. below:        

Fig.1. Topological scheme of Triagonal Structure of the Universe.

О - The Absolutes,       
А - Space,
В - Mass,
С - Energy,
D - Information,
F - Action codes.

As it can be seen from scheme, the structure of the Universe is represented by a sphere (feminine beginning), which is residing into a cube (male beginning). "Information" (presented by the "Informational Field") is located on a surface of sphere and is created by The Absolutes. The informational "action code", being sent from The Absolutes through the "informational matrix" (in turn is controllable by a particular program), are concentrated on the verge a cube. The "action code" are directed rectilinearly, and don’t have intersections with each other nowhere. They are crossed only in zero point of The Absolutes.    
Notion "Triagonal" itself means the triad of such notions, as The Absolutes, Information, "action code", what are united by the purposes: a life, action, motion, manifestation of the essence.

All spin around The Absolutes. All of is creating in The Absolutes. All of exists in The Absolutes, whereas The Absolutes - there is a collection of the informational fractals, which exists as a one single fractal. Formally The Absolutes is at each point of "Space". At the same time The Absolutes gives birth from itself a "Time" and manages by him, "Time" gives birth from itself "Information", what serves as the impetus for "Energy Clot" which is transforming under certain conditions into "Mass" and into "Space".  Primarily is a Time, all of other - a second time, but also - paramount.

A Nucleus is a conglomerate of the particles and anti-particles; this is a "collapse", "Convolution All of Existence". A "Matter" is zero, only a "Time". This is a "printery" of the Universe, where transformational "Matrixes of Time" are creating to spend for the creation of the Universes, the Galaxies, the Stars, the Suns, and of all, that called as "Matter" and that is given us in our sensations.

A "Time" is "Gist". "Information" is a fractal of "Time".

The Absolutes generates "Information", what exists in the manner of "programs" and "matrixes" (the "matrixes", which are united by one "purpose" and by the "laws", constitute the "programs"). The "programs" are created of double-purpose, i.e. if there is some "law", on the base of which the "program" is built, that is to say and her "sparring partner" - in the manner of the "program" for opposite action. This pertains and towards the "matrixes", what also are by double-acting. The "programs" and the "matrixes" are uniting by the "informational flows".

By functionally the "informational flow" is a manifestation of activity of "action codes," what are forming the groups of the particles of the "Informational Field" - the "keyzons" and their associations of a type of the "solitons" into these flows. Herewith, informational soliton constitutes both from a solitary keyzons, and from the groups of solitons, united under the certain laws of physics and mathematics. (By knowing these laws, is possible decipher, as well as create the "information flows", i.e. is possible build the "information matrixes" and the "programs"). The controlling by the keyzons and solitons realize by means of   their accommodation in certain sequence by the "programs" or by the "subroutines".

Represented scheme of "Triagonal Structure of the Universe" speaks - all of is interconnected and all of is united in its expressions, with the simultaneous existence of a "dualism". So far as The Absolutes manifests itself and exists in World Space in the manner of "informational flows" - these flows not only carry over full information, but simultaneously and form herewith all space, in which and exists The Absolutes. These flows represent by entanglements in the manner of "scythes". The keyzons inside that "scythes" is in agitated state: they are ready for the transmission of the information into the space at any time, as well as for messaging between itself.

This is very complex system, representing certain hierarchical structure. Especial importances have the keyzons, located on the end "information braid". They differ by additional empty orbits, to which are moving the keyzons upon their messaging. The Information herewith nowhere disappears - she is only being redistributed and restructured. The "informational scythes" are holding by itself at the expense of their own internal energy tractions; herewith - break such chain of keyzons in terrestrial conditions - practically impossible. Thus, The Absolutes produces information by means of "action codes" and creates the Universe, herewith the form of the existence and transmission of the information are the "keyzons flows" which intertwine and form an "Informational Field of the Universe".

(Figuratively, full picture may be represented in the manner of chariot: ahead of "horse" - a Matrixes, "rein" - a Rays of management (the "keyzons flows"), "charioteer" - a Time, "chariot" - a Nucleus of the Universe).                      
What is the "Informational Field" of the Universe?

As it had been formulated by us earlier in [2]: «Information" - this is a total product of the functioning of all consciousnesses on all levels in the Universe, herewith a knowledge, which is producing by the "Consciousness of Absolutes" (i.e. an "Absolute Knowledge"), there is "Information" for all levels of the Universe; thus any knowledge, existing on certain level, there is the information for all lower-levels in "Hierarchy of Consciousnesses". Thus, the "Informational Field of the Universe" there is in its essence  an "Absolute Knowledge" about the process of the building of the Universe, representing at the same time by the "Information" for the Whole Universe, as the "Manual" for the realization of such building».

By functionally, the "Information" (strictly information) is expressing itself in the manner of the functions of "info-potentials" which are representing in itself a typesetting of an ensemble of "action codes". In this case - the "action code" in itself - as a numeric importance has a secondary sense. The "code" there is a filling of the function, but function is decomposing onto numbers and only after this operation, the function is representing in the manner of "code", i.e. the "code" is the secondary.
(Transition of a function to the codes is accompanying by energy pats.  There is a possibility of the fixing these hits of energy by means of terrestrial technology. Hereunder, there is a possibility to deal non with a "function", but with the "action codes", i.e. with numeric rows, in which will be tracked a certain functional dependency).
Thus, a "function" is the prime cause. She gives paramount importance of the phenomena.

The First Law of "Cosmological Physics" states:

«Fundamental importance has only a "Function". It is primarily».

Any physical phenomenon may be described by means of the "function", but the order and the laws of existence of these "functions" are created inside a Nucleus of The Universe. Strictly speaking, already that alone explains a communication capability of "All of Existence" into "Whole Universe". The World is unity, but multiform, does not exist deflections, exceptions. All are subordinating by certain regularities, described by means of "functions".

And even Chaos, there is nothing else than information manifestation of "intermittent function", i.e. when "law of existence", being described by one "function", suddenly is transformed into the "law", being described by other "function".  Thus, Chaos there is a phenomenon, being accompanied by "breakups of functions". With standpoint of Evolutions - Chaos precedes always new phenomena, the "laws of existence" of that will be described by "unceasing function". In other words, Chaos is a predecessor of the new, i.e. by a signal about replacement of one Evolution process onto another.

3.     Informational Complex of the Universe.

3.1. Carriers of information - the “keyzons”.

The presence of The Absolutes at any point of space comes to light through presence of the information particles - the "keyzons" and of the clots of these particles in the manner of the "solitons" [2]. They exist in two kinds: "electrical keyzons" and "magnetic keyzons", being interacted with each other directly (according to its kind). Herewith, being "alike charged" keyzons - are repeling one other, but on the contrary, "opposite charged" keyzons - are attracting to one another. From appearance - keyzon reminds a "chestnut in shell". Essentially it is a potential field. They differ by signs and size: figuratively, magnetic keyzon - small, as "powder particle", but an electrical keyzon- large, as an "apple".  The size of magnetic keyzon constitutes 10-90 cм, while the size of electrical keyzon - of the order 10-50 cм. So far as the smallest material particles, such as the "leptons", have a size of the order 10-20 cм - they very heavy and inertial in contrast with the keyzons, so the transmission of the information with use of them - impossible. But the keyzons - it is very fine level. A velocity of their moving, as such - does not exist, i.e. it may be considered they are moving with endless velocity. In space of the Universe these particles exist both in "neutral" and in "charged" ("excited") states. They are a product of activity of The Absolutes and take part in the processes of forming an "informational flows", what are pervaded by "primary informational energy". The keyzons have a zero mass, and spin moment, given by their rotation around its axis. They have a possibility for messaging between itself, with simultaneous sending of the information to the space, i.e. they are solitary individual generators of the informational fields.

 Primary record of the information both into magnetic, and into electrical keyzons is producing by The Absolutes, who is a primary source of the informational fields. The spin moments of electrical and magnetic keyzons there are a "toolbox" for carrying over the information from Meta Galaxies into the Galaxies and further. The informational carry-over from "Antiworld" is realizing only by magnetic keyzons, because the transition of magnetic keyzons occur through magnetic power lines in the Universe (the "Information Field" is a single being and the universal property of Whole Universe).

Due to the presence of own spin moment a keyzon is revolving as "whirligig", herewith a velocity of this rotation is stating at the instant of it birth. Hereinafter, keyzon spends its initial energy, what brings about reduction of spin moment, and can came even towards the stopping of the rotation. As soon as this moment approaches, primary source of the "Information Field" will add him energy and information what recovers the spin moment. Therefore, by functionally, a keyzon consists from "informational component" and "energy component", united by the "matrix" and by the "action codes". Under influence of the "action codes" occurs the exchange between the keyzons by own energy potential and prestored information. Without of managing influence of the "action codes" the keyzons don't interact with each other. "Solitary keyzons", having "information component", can't exist outside of the "matrixes", i.e. they are also inserted in the "matrixes" and between them there are respective energy interaction. ("Solitary keyzons" there are the "remnants" of a "Pra-Matter". If it were being possible to entrap such keyzon, and to decipher an "informational" and "energy component", it could be possible to decipher exact compound of "Pra-Matter"). The information volume of the keyzons (in accustomed understanding) is unlimited, but herewith there is small-informative and multi-informative keyzons.

3.2. Carriers of Consciousness of Absolutes - the "cavitons".

The Consciousness of Absolutes radiates an "especial substance" which comes directly from a Nucleus of the Universe.  This "substance" contains into itself the unique particles - the "cavitons" (so-called "psi-particles"). These particles - "cavitons", essentially is the "clots" in mentioned "substance" - evenly distributed "compactions" what are created by The Absolutes in above continuous substance.

The size of such "caviton" ("psi-particle") is about 10-120 cm.

Thus, the Consciousness of Absolutes manifests itself in the form of continuous "waves of cavitons", that represents in itself the primary source of "informational flows". The Absolutes governs by these waves in a continuous regime.

Electrical and magnetic keyzons are used as a "container-carriers" for defense of this "psi-particles" from misinformation, distortions, and losses in the process of transportation.

The "cavitons" there are a "reflection" and "manifestation" of the Consciousness of Absolutes, or more precisely - there is "wave information" in so-called form of "Spirit". This is an "arrow", which is piercing a "Field of Life", and all its formations. The barriers for the "Spirit" don't exist.

Electrical keyzons are slithering along electrical power lines, which are represented by "Spatial lattice", magnetic keyzons (more slow) are slithering along magnetic power lines, formed by "Matrix network", however at will of The Absolutes, they can move outside of power lines.
The velocity of spreading the "waves of the keyzons" is enormous - it can exceed the hundreds parsec/s.

The sources of electrical and of magnetic keyzons are the "generators", accordingly of electrical and magnetic keyzons, that is residing in The Absolutes and brought into operation by The Absolutes.

All processes are pertaining to reproduction of the main functional components of systems, generating "informational flows", as well as uppermost manner of the creation of "Information", completely are under controlling by The Absolutes.

The approximate structured scheme of the "Information Complex of the Universe" is brought on Fig. 2. 

Fig. 2. The structured scheme of the "Information Complex of the Universe".

The streams of keyzons with prisoners in their cavitons there is a conglomerate of the "action codes" of The Absolutes. In themselves of these "cavitons", as in "genetic code" - there are all information about the limitless The Absolutes.
"Information" which is encoding by the "Programmer" (what contains all possible programs) sends to the "generators of keyzons" only under influence of "action code" of The Absolutes that are synchronized with the "Mega Space Synchronizer" - through "information matrices". Exactly "Programmer", that is residing in The Absolutes and its associated Space ("Mega Space"), launches the "flows of information" in the form of solitons (both a solitary and in group).

As it was mentioned, the electrical and magnetic keyzons is differed in size and in the speed of its movement. It is as two kinds: "Yin" and "Yang" - light and shadow.
All of Existence in the Universe there is a manifestation and manner of existence of the "Spirit" - i.e. the Consciousnesses of Absolutes.

3.3. Codes and process of the transmission of information.

As it was noted - the information is being contained just in "action codes", what are forming by the "Programmer" and are directing towards the "generators of keyzons", which in turn are forming by respective manner the abovementioned groups of informational particles in the manner of associations of keyzons and solitons. The "action code" there is the numbers, being united into the certain sequences, according to certain mathematical laws, i.e. it is the functions, and first of all the functions of a Time, an Energy and a Space (they are interrelated). The meaning a process of coding is consisting in determination of the form and structure of the new code building, in which the defining importance belong  to the properties of used numbers.

The "code" is representing in itself a value part of digital and an energy sign, which contains into itself information or buildings of anything, i.e. carries the rules of the shaping of the constructions. By means of certain systems of the rules and rates - any information or constructive building can be presented, i.e. it is encoded, in the manner of typesetting of numeric signs, and in like form can be preserved or sent into required place, as well as can be processed further. As a result of "coding" is being produced the directional influence on separate points of volumes, where is being produced the correction of energy processes. Thereby, here is achieving the programmed composition of qualitative and quantitative energy features in necessary volume of the building.

All "levels of the Universe" constantly interact with each other, due to an existence of specially developed and technically produced constructive "network of the issue", that allows of the connection between of the worlds, what are built from matter of varied types, and this connection is realizing through the pulse, carrying into itself the "block of energy-information".

A Number and numeric operations have special importance, so far as all processes and the forms before the creating - are calculated. In the universe does not exist anything, what does not be subject to the calculation. Each number - is not simply conditional indicated some amounting, or a certain generally accepted symbol. Any number, numeral is received by system calculation and represents by itself a separate quality of energy. Each number is built according stated regularity and order, and it expresses a concrete informational contents. The numbers possess the own structure of the building and by such quality as dependency, so far as they are bound between itself by the ensemble of dependencies.

 In the World of numbers there is an enormous independent world

The Process of the issue of information in the systems of the Universe is so perfect that completely conforms to the processes at a rate of The Absolutes. The most first pulse is sending from the Nucleus of the Universe, and incur in itself the main aim and direction of the building of the Whole Universe. Passing through all "Levels", this main pulse is converting on each of them - into the purposes and information, corresponding for each concrete world, marking general direction - as building of all Worlds, and uniting them in united coordinated activity. Supreme pulse of The Absolutes, which is coming down from top to bottom, is decomposing into the spectrum of other pulses, corresponding to each world, for which they are intended.

4.     Structure of levels of the Universe.

All our Universe possesses the multivariate structure of the building: it contains the enormous quantity of the "universes", existing in a varied temporary coordinates and comparatively independent of one another, but simultaneously united into a general organism of Existence in uniform integer, with the result that all their private functions are mutually tied up with one purpose - provide normal operation of general volume [3]. Such a building of the Universe is not free or spontaneous. All variants of combinations for buildings of the world is designed by especial "Highest Coalition" and it presents in itself a high quality system of energy designing, so far as each world - first of all certain range of the frequencies.

All in the Cosmos there is Energy.

Energy - an especial type of "Matter", which can thicken under certain conditions and be rarefied under others, can be concentrated and can be "all-penetrating". And than organization of energy is higher, it is more wry and more deeply passes in any other forms. Energy - an endless stairway of the transitional states of "Matter", where foundation of it is in lower range of the frequencies of rough "physical matter", but in upper range - the most higher state of the Spirit - the "Spiritual Matter".

The Evolution of Energy is inclosing in the transformation of its quality. Upon accumulation of the certain values one quality moves over to other and this lasts ad infinitum. There is not limit for this process.

In outline image of the Universe is expressed as follows:

The Basis for the Universe is a "Spatial Lattice", that is penetrating through all dimensions and all times; this lattice is building on the base of "Matrix Field", which is the expression of the "Intention of Creator" i.e. the "Consciousness of Absolutes".

The "Matrix Field" radiates the "Creation Energy" what passes away down - into "lower-levels" ("plans" with smaller dimensions) and, in the result, stratifies itself (like as a light is passing through prism) - onto whole spectrum of energy which only is possible in the Universe.

Full compound of all spectrum of energy, that may be revealed on all "Plans of Existence" is represented by "Matrix Field" and by the "Calibration Network".

Spectrum of energy in the Universe:

1. Energy of Consciousness of Absolutes.
2. "Creation Energy" - one of energy of "Mental Field" ("Field of the calculation").
3. "Psychic Energy" - one more energy of "Mental Field".
4. "Energy of Astral Plan".
5. "Ethereal Energy".
6. "Electromagnetic radiations".
7. "Kinetic energy and heat energy".
Between all these kinds of energy there is no clear delimitation, one its type moves over to other, this is practically unceasing scale.
All Universes are created by "Creation Energy".
All "Matter" there is compacted form of it.

5.     Matrix Field.    

The "Consciousness" is the reason of "All of Existence" in the Universe and the operative force of all processes being.  The "Consciousness" not there is "material substance", and not "energy substance". 

The "Consciousness" represents an independent "Potential Matrix Field", what is forming reasons, and just itself process of Consciousness is causing the motion of "Matter" and of "Energy" inside the "matrix structures" (on the plans of "material worlds").

«To gain the new knowledge and energy and move onto more high level of the development, Creator must seasonly move from the "State of Absolutes" into "State of Manifested Universe". And occurs this under influence of global "Super-program of The Absolutes", which is named as "Desire to Exist". The reasons of "Existence" are meaning not only "physics reasons", being studied by the science, but else the "metaphysical reasons", the most main amongst which is a "Desire to Exist". The desire of "Conscious Life" there is in all of - from atom up to the Sun, and there is the reflection of "Divinity of the Consciousness", directed to objective existence - into the "Law" that the "Universe should be existing". Truly (real) reason of such supposed Desire, in the same way either as of "Existence as a Whole", will remain for ever incognizable, and her "First Emanations" are the most perfective "Abstractions". These "Abstractions", on the strength of need, must precede - as the reason of "Material Universe", which is given to feelings and common sense, and must lie in the foundation of such secondary and subordinated powers of the Nature, which are humanized and respected, as "God" and "Gods", by people's masses of all times» [4].

It should be noted, that "Matrix Field" represents only "Creation Energy" itself: «Matrix network - there is only field structure; she is filling itself by information, what hereinafter will create on the base of these matrixes the whole spectrum of energy on all plans» [5].

6.     Calibration network.

"Calibration network" (it is and "Spatial lattice", "Cosmic Network", "Universal Cosmic Lattice") there is the first step of the manifestation of the "Matrix Field" and is a main system of the complete manifestation on all plans.

"Calibration network" represents full energy of the Universe in balanced, in zeroizing state (zero-rate state).

If in "Matrix Field" all is on "virtual state", in "Calibration network" "nearly all" is in "potential state. This difference of the states - "virtual" and "potential" – is being indeed a fundamental:  "virtual" state determines, that manifestation may be only in the case of filling of this phenomenon or of the objects by the energy, but in case of "potential state" it already has certain energy contents.

What is the physical essence of the "Calibration network"?

This is an energy which contains (inside itself, in potential) - full spectrum of energy, which are manifesting on all "plans" of the Universe. In the state of excitation absence - the cells of the "network" (or the "lattices") contain inside itself an inexhaustible reserve of any energy - "in potential".
It should be noted, that one and ditto "matrix field" can contain inside itself several "cosmic lattices".
In the Universe exists the uncountable ensemble of the worlds, whose manifestation occurs on the grounds of same "Cosmic Lattice", which exist in certain frequency range in this world. The worlds are nonlinear and nonlocal. They exist in multivariate space, being intertwined with each other. There are as well and the "corridors" between them.

This ensemble of worlds, what exists even within one "Lattice", represents a tangled ball with manifested and virtual vectors; these worlds are penetrating one into other, are united for a while, are divided, etc.
Other Cosmic Lattices, existing in "Matrix Field", contain inside itself other Worlds and Universes that can fundamentally differ from our World. However, the "corridors" can appear and between such titanic structures of the Universe. 
«What energy is in the cells of the lattice? First, each cell has an entry and output that is to say "valves". Only one "valve" is capable to receive a visit at itself a stream of stranger energy, but the other "valve" deletes an excess of energy through its portal. If will require they may be exchanged by places, but without fail simultaneously that is to say can not be two a receiving or two a derivable "valves". In the cells, which contain inwardly the whole galaxies, one "valve" may be in the centre, but another can be moved to periphery. In the cells, which contains inwardly the micro-objects, both "valves" can change own location. In multivariate plan one "valve" can move over to another as a result "twist" of spatial vector ("output where entry")» [5].
In "Physical Universe" the cells of the "Lattice" contain inside itself only macro objects - Galaxies, Starry systems. Already in "four dimensional plan" ("ethereal plan") the cells of the lattice are wrapping around into the forms like a snail, and contain inwardly themselves the "micro objects". The characteristics of the cells on varied "plans" - differ one from another.
The "Cosmic Lattice" of "physical Universe" doesn't contain inside itself of full spectrum of energy, but only contains what is presented at "physics plan".
The cells on physical plan have a form of "dodecahedron". The physical reality has in its base number 12. The cells of the lattice in "multivariate plan" can have unconceived forms for three-dimensional consciousness, but they, without fail, are symmetrical and harmonious, simply axis of symmetries can be in additional spatial measurement.

7.     Glunometry Space.

So far as the basis of the Universe there is an "Intention of The Absolutes", formed in the manner of "Potential Matrix Field", all constructive buildings in him also have a matrix structure, as the corresponding for the tasks of evolution to the best advantage.
The "Matrix" there is always existed and accumulative base for the main energy data. The "matrix" in itself is a framework of a base for filling and keeping of qualitative energy states. The "matrix" has cellular structure of own building with natural system of the distributing directivity, due to which the energy of certain quality is delivering to respective cell of keeping" [6].
The "matrix" (a matrix structure) is a group of incorporeal "action codes" that are united by uniform purposes.                                                        
The "information matrix" represents in itself a "four-dimensional net", in knots of net are residing the "action code", united by uniform program. Under the action of the program - matrix structure is inhering in constant motion (linear-onward, oscillatory, and rotary). Herewith, each "action code", which is residing in the knots of the matrix net, can exchange by own information both with nearby "action code", and with residing on infinitely big distance with itself.
The fourth measurement of "information matrix" is the polarization (dipole moment).
This is univariate "polarization lattice".
The keyzons what are filling the cells of the "information matrixes", are revolving, are hesitating in the plane of "polarization lattice", are interacting with this "lattice", and are committing the revocable-onward motions.

In our Universe there exists a hierarchy of five types the matrixes:

1.      The matrixes of laws (the top).
2.      The matrixes of qualities.
3.      The matrixes of notions.
4.      The matrixes of space.
5.      The matrixes of essences (the bottom).

All five types have their own hierarchies.
The "spatial matrixes" define the sizes of existence. They are subdivided onto three subspecies of matrixes: space, infinity, time.
The "matrixes of essences": minerals, plants, insects, animals, humanoids, energy essences, planets, stars, the Galaxies, Universes.
The subspecies of the "matrix of notions": matrixes of the words, information; that concerns the wit, shame, truths.
Nor one matrix can't exist without of others. Without connections of any matrix with others can't occur of any action. Certain matrixes create the conditions of existence and actions for the other matrixes. And all they - create the conditions for own development, i.e. they help to each other to exist. 
The "matrixes of space" create the conditions of external existence for all forms, what are residing into the space. Simultaneously these forms are producing the quality for the space. The "matrixes of notions" help the "matrixes of essences" to comprehend its statuses and are developing itself in such manner that should not destroy a surrounding ambience. But so far as all these relations are inhering under control the "matrixes of laws", when these relations are acting - through different actions occurs progressing of the "matrixes of laws". In the result of all relations there occurs a lifelength of a quality, so due to all these processes will be progressing and the "matrixes of quality"» [6].
All infinite ensembles of "information matrixes" exist inside an especial ambience that is identified in the "Cosmological Physics" as "Glunomety Space" [3].
"Glunomety Space", as categorial notion of "Cosmological Physics", - there is an especial "space", in which the "information matrixes" are living, being encircled by the "polarization lattices"; herewith they have their own temporary features and restrictions (the borders). With this "Space" are bound all characteristics of "Matter"; past, present, future.
This space is infinitely, multidimensional, his field engulfs and the Whole Universe.
"Glunometry Space" there is "Energy and Information" in it – this is all. That pertains to the notion of "Absolute Knowledge". The "information matrixes" link between itself, exchange by information through "Gluon field" that exists for them as certain "social glue".
"Glunometry Space" is active, alive: interviews the information matrixes, actuates them, forces to live and "All Universe" (as "Firsthand"). "Glunometry Space" had appeared by the first and it had caused "All of Existence".
The Interactions in "Glunometry Space" occur with all matrixes simultaneously. This process is realized continuously, in spite of the fact that sensing of the information by matrix occurs in discrete regime (i.e. the reception of information into the matrixes is realized continuously, reverse outflow of information - from matrixes is produced also continuously but sensing of information into the matrix - discrete). Herewith, both frequencies, and duration of the interaction is diversifying.

8.     "World ether" and vacuum.

A key issue for understanding the transformation of "Information" into "Matter" and inversely, which are remaining during all history of our civilization by unsolved traditional physics, there is a question about the essence of such categories, as "world airwaves" and "vacuum". Many modern scientists suppose that the "problem of the crisis in modern science" can not be overcome without the use by physics of the notion "world airwaves". (In accordance with presentations made in the beginning of 20-th century - it is "the filling of all its space - a special ambience, providing spreading the light, presenting the electromagnetic radiation"). In a sense, it certainly helps the terrestrial science for understanding the mentioned basis categories which were given beforehand (for instance, as to the vacuum):

«What is a "vacuum"? The "vacuum" is a potential field, viscous ambience, filling all space. The "vacuum" is "All" and "Nothing" simultaneously. You got accustomed to name this margin by airwaves, but we are entitling it by "substance of the Absolute state of the Universe". That is to say, "vacuum" contains inside itself all absolutely, and for manifestation of these contents action is necessary. The main factor, producing influence on state of the "vacuum" is "Consciousness" of varied levels. The "Consciousness of Absolutes" causes the birth of "Matter" inside the varied "Plans of Existence"» [5].

Consequently, it may be supposed, that existence of such notional categories as "vacuum", "world airwaves" (or in terms of [5]: "potential field, viscous ambience", "springy ambience of the potential field", "substance of the Absolute state of Universe") - are reflections of the fact of existence of real ambience, having concrete physical characteristics such as springiness, energy-saturation, slicing.

In the presentations of "Cosmological Physics" such ambience exists.
This is an especial substance, what may be named as "without-spatial Matter", which presents in itself a boundless ambience, formed by magnetic keyzons. This substance is characterized by such particularity: the paths of motion of all these magnetic keyzons, i.e. "magnetic power lines" in traditional physics, have no closed sidebars; these lines have chaotic trends.

The second level of manifestation (of evolution) above mentioned "without-spatial Matter", there is also unordered ambience, consisted from uncountable ensemble of "assemblies" of these magnetic keyzons (with eight keyzons on "assembly"), but already with closed sidebars for each keyzon. That "assemblies" represent in itself three-dimensional structures, which have a certain   configuration of distribution of above sidebars. Given ensemble can be considered by a part of general ambience of all existing magnetic keyzons ("without-spatial Matter"), as if "dissolved" in her.
Each such "assembly" has an external energy shell, reminding "shell of the chestnut", and represents in itself already an "electrical" keyzon, which possesses of "electrical charge" with concrete polarity.
The amount of positively charged keyzons and of electrical keyzons with negative charge in this ambience is equally. This is an ideal ambience for Creation.
(Necessary noted that such feature as "charge" there is a manifestation of the first quality, typical of future "Matter").

In accordance with presentations of "Cosmological Physics" this abovementioned substance "without-spatial Matter", i.e. ambience, consisting from uncountable magnetic keyzons, and represents in itself so-called "world airwaves", with which, as it is well known, "consciousness" of any level can interact directly.

Next notional category - "vacuum", in the presentations of "Cosmological Physics" is corresponding to the second level of evolution of this especial substance ("without-spatial Matter"), whereby an ensemble of "assemblies" of magnetic keyzons had been formed in the ambience of electrical keyzons, which are used hereinafter for filling of the cells of "information matrixes" - in the process of creation of the variform structures of diverse types.

9.     Interaction in the Universe.

The Universe - not only ensemble of multidimensional spaces, but also there is an ensemble of combinations of their interaction. Herewith, the spaces were as if embedded one in another; they form the most complex multivariate structure. The largest can be resided in the smallest. By means of uniting of the coordinates of varied metrics – it is possible to receive the spaces with alike order of the metrics, but with absolutely diverse characteristics.
For understanding the structure of the Universe, it is necessary to know the manners of energy-information mutual exchange on diverse levels.
What is an interaction between objects in the Universe?
There is always an exchange by energy and (or) by information, which is a complexion of the energy.
The interaction that can occur is on varied levels - at a rate of "physical matter", of "astral matter" and of "mental matter", as well as at the rate of "field", and at the rate of springy ambience of the "potential field" - of so-called "vacuum".
The interaction on "level of matter" occurs by means of exchange by the pulse, that is to say, by portion of energy, but interaction on "field level" occur with exchange by "matrix formula" that is to say, by a "potential".
As a result of this interaction the energy pulse isn't transmitting, but only the possibility for his issue on "material level appears".
To create the single united system of all interaction in the Universe, it is necessary to classify them upon level of the issue of the pulse.
- On "macro level", this is the movement of the "flow of substance" and the exporting of energy by means of excitation electromagnetic and gravitational fields.
- On "field level" appears the "matrix" - that is to say, form, prepared for filling by pulse - "fluctuation of density of the field".
- On "micro level" there is the movement of "matrix potential", that is to say, the fluctuation of field is moving, but the energy or matter is motionless.
These laws are the main causes of the interaction between "material objects" and the "field objects", combined in a system of interaction, which make up the complete presentation, other types of interaction don't exist.
Thus, it is formed a common united system for such diverse interaction as: issue of "substance", issue of the "energy pulse", issue of the "information", "issue of the "matrix formula".

When considering the interaction in the Universe, it is necessary to take into account the following remarks: 
So far as the "energy" there is a state of "manifested information" (i.e. - "energy" there is a result of the transition of an "information" into other form of the existence), the inverse process - a "disappearance of the energy" (in the result of its transition into potential state) it can be considered by the return of the "energy" into "information state". This is manifestation of one of two main properties of "Information" (being mentioned at beginning of an article) - its possibility of the transition into absolutely different quality and features.
In "esoterism" the energy is presented usually in the manner of two types, having a difference in kind, so-called: "Yin" and "Yang". This difference can be interpreted as the difference of quality "signs" in the electricity, i.e.:
- "Yang" - as if it a "positive" energy, which represents the "manifested information";
- "Yin" - as if it a "negative" energy, which represents the "non-manifested information" (potential energy).
- "Yin" energy ("light" energy) - look as emptiness. "Yin" - potential, is a rarefaction (than more a rarefaction - so more and retracting).    
- "Yin" potential - is the "realization" potential, i.e. a "scalar potential".
- "Yang" potential is a catalyst, "vector potential".

What does such presentation mean indeed?

From the point of view "Cosmological Physics", such representation of energy in the manner of two diverse type reflects none certain qualities of energy, but there is the characteristic of a dynamics of abovementioned transitional processes of the transformation of "Information" into "Energy" and inversely. Herewith, the Yin energy"  - this is a term which indicates a trend of transformation of "Energy" into "Information"; and on the contrary, the "Yang energy" - there is nothing else but a reflection of the process of transition of "Information" into "Energy". The completive "points of destination" of above processes are from one in the one hand - active "Energy", and on the other hand - "Information" in a state of "null-space", or the so-called a "convolution of space".

10.  Primary structural forms.

The primary structural formations in a "Matrix Field" - this is an electron and positron [3]. These objects are in themselves the pair of elementary structures of three-dimensional space in the manner of certain "phials" with "energy shell", which are characterized by known modern physicists by the importance of their masses, charges and spins. Herewith, the electron will never become the positron, and - on the contrary, so far as the electron represents in itself an "Yin" energy, the positron represents in itself the "Yang" energy.
An electron gambles a role in the "portal" between the subspaces of diverse metrics in the world of the "dense matter" (it acts as a certain suction of the energy from the subspace).
The electrons also provide the coordination of information in varied material ambiences. Without electrons, the coordination of an informational potential is difficult. The electron and positron differ the ‘friend from friend’ by direction of the rotation and by frequency of the rotation. So, if for the electron, its circular frequency has importance of the order 7х1018 Hz, then for positron the importance is already 1,5х1030 Hz (sometimes frequency of the rotation of the positron can get to 1,5х1035 Hz). The specified frequency of the rotation is assigned by the "action code" of The Absolutes.
These primary structures are finding themselves already as mass in the three-dimensional world of the dense matter.
The "information matrixes" of the electron and positron have unidirectional polarization vectors of their own cells (the spin moments of the keyzons are unidirectional), but the directions of the polarization vectors of the "matrixes" of the electron and positron herewith are in opposition, since cells of the "information matrix" of the electron contain negative electrical keyzons; but of the positron contains positive electrical keyzons.
Thus, rotation direction of each structure (the electron or the positron) is determined by the orientation of the summarized polarization vector of cells of the corresponding matrix (amount of spin moments).

In which way does the process of forming these primary structures occur?
The "information matrix" is under the influence of the program (what is prescribed by The Absolutes) which builds the construction from a number of "solitary" keyzons or of certain quantity of solitons (which there are the elements of cells of this "matrix"). The structure, that is created by the "matrix" from these keyzons, by their own connections, separates the fragment of the "Matrix Field" with certain share of potential energy and forms herewith certain "energy surface", which has been insulating, hereunder, this fragment from common potential field. In total, it is creating a "local multidimensional autonomous formation" with their own certain physical properties (with their own "laws of nature").

The Sequence of the processes of the shaping this space may be represented as follows:

The Absolutes → "action codes"→ program → "information matrix"→ cells (keyzons) → "Matrix's Field" → "local space".

When forming an electron (or a positron) the accommodation in "Potential Matrix Field" of 6 negative electrical keyzons (or of positive electrical keyzons) - one by one on each direction (on each energy channel) in three-dimensional square-wave coordinate system brings about shaping the autonomous volume in the manner of octahedron, at the expense of highlighting of this volume from the general potential field (Fig. 3). And this is already that in traditional physics is accepted consider as the "space", but this "particles" themselves (an electron and a positron) there is at the same time - the "manifestation" of elementary "information matrixes" of "Glunometry Space", i.e. of such "information matrixes" which have a minimum number of the cells. In three-dimensional space of the "dense matter" - such structure perceive by us as the revolving "energy sphere". Figure 3

                            Electron                                                                    Positron
             (6 negative electric keyzons)                                        (6 positive electric keyzons)    
Fig. 3. Primary structured formations in Matrix Field - electron and positron.

The quantitative feature of a part of energy, which was separated from integer and is presented within of this shell, and there is what usually is characterizing such notional category, as "Mass". Hence, such known notion as "mass" reflects the result of the process of self-identification of the fragment - of partial "volume" of "Matrix Field" (that is to say - "mass" - there is symptom, separating such energy fragment from whole).
On the other hand, "mass" - there is a factor of volume of information of the fragment "Glunometry Space", presented by certain "information matrix". Thus, there can inclose, that "mass" - there is a fixing of the "information" at time, and that "density of mass" is corresponding of a "density of the fragment of energy. Thereby can be installed that in the electron - there is a "minimum mass" for three-dimensional world "dense matter".
As to the positron - such primary structured formation is intended for performing the same functions as an electron, including also the participation in the shaping of following more complex structures (as atoms), but already - in the world of "Anti-Matter".
That presentation to the best advantage explains the known fact of short-time manifestations of the positron in our world of "usual matter".
Herewith, positron, with equality of the mass with electron, differs by bigger information potential, so far as how it was indicated, has vastly more high velocity of the rotation. This noted difference is conditioned by fundamental different principles of the shaping these two worlds: world of "Matter" and world of "Anti-Matter".
In general, the positron for "our world" is an illusion which exists and does not exist simultaneously. He manifests itself only – when the action itself is manifested. The Positron is visible only at time of the action. He is being intimated only, rather then given a material form. He is an illusion of the Whole. He is an action itself; this is a transition from world of "Anti-Matter" into the world of "Matter".
There is the possibility of supposing that the positron is a "portal" for transition from "Anti-Matter" into "our world"; or, more exactly, a "portal" for transition of such types of energy from "Anti-Matter", which are supposedly for realization in "our world".
Any types of energy are forming for defined intentions. They differ by structure, by density (a tension), by a deskside etc.
In "our world" there are two heterogeneous types of energy - this there is a joining of "duality".
Transition of energy from one "World" ("Anti-World") into another, and inversely - there occurs transference of the information between the worlds.

11.  Dyad ("Matter"/"Anti-Matter"). 

By characterizing the rotation moments of keyzons, it is necessary to note that in world of "Matter" the rotation to the right has a more often manifestation, than rotation to the left. That existing asymmetry in the Universe is one from the factors, pertaining to the processes of shaping of the "matter" of a "physics plan". In the event when as a result of local fluctuations may arise particles with "left" rotation (that is to say, antimatter), the existence of it is limited by very small extent of time, and as the result occur the annihilation.
«There are in multivariate spatial areas of the Universe such structures, where basically there existed particles with "leftside rotation" matter. These areas have their own Starry systems, Galaxies and star concourses, i.e., the existence of these objects is possible in disjoint fields with material objects having "right-side rotation" matter.
Why such position of things has been shaped?
In spatial volume of the continuum "Space-Time-Consciousness", there is predominating factor - the Consciousness of Absolutes, in other words, an Information Field of the Universe. To provide the balance of all powers, acting in this volume, an amount of all powers (a total vector) must be equal to zero, i.e. for stationary and stable existence of the Universe of dense plan of Being requires of the dominance of "right-side rotation" particles in the process of building of "Matter".
The Objects, existing on the other plans - "Astral" and "Mental" - have on "Astral" plan - the balanced existence of "right-side" and "leftside" particles, but on "Mental" plan there are predomination of "leftside" particles» [5].  
About a world "Anti-Matter" ("Antiworld") today is known following:
«It isn't as much opposite, as is mirror image towards our world. In him as well there is - positiveness and negativity, but qualities into "matrixes" are collected in accordance with another principle. There is an especial type of qualities with opposite directivity of the development of quality, and these qualities may accumulate by means of only such world, having especial building. These two worlds ("Our World" and "Antiworld") are separated by especial "barrier", doing the both of worlds as mirror image. But two worlds are built so, that "Our world" is balancing "Antiworld", and "Antiworld" - is balancing "Our world"» [6].    
Abovementioned "barrier" (so-called "quantum membrane", [7]) represents in itself the layer of energy of "Matrix Field", that contains all spectrum of energy, i.e. this is a "Creation Energy".
In one of the works of D. Wilcock [8], it is mentioned about the unceasing pulsation in the Universe. This pulsation, moment by moment, creates all "Our World" (world of "Matter"), and «this pulsation is so quickly that we couldn´t ever be able to know. So, we always shimmer from "inside" into "outward" from our "present density", but airwaves energy, which is forming our reality, is pulsing in another regime of the vibrations. Usually, we at all don't present even that something similar can occur. Physical body does not exist constantly (continuously), but yet, the body exists, and it seems that it exists continuously. However, the physical body is staying onto unceasing state of the pulsations, and due to nature and construction of energy - a body really shimmers». 
In accordance with presentations "Cosmological Physics" all structures, what are formed in "Matrix Field" as autonomous formations, presenting in itself the realizations of the endless number of variform and of the contents "information matrixes", exist in pulsed mode, i.e. they constantly are passing across mentioned "quantum membrane", and are forming, hereunder, a "Dyad" (composition of "Matter"/"Anti-Matter").
(It is necessary to note that the abovementioned asymmetry of the elements of "Dyad" in "physics" - the Universe is conditioned by the fact, that a duration of "pulse of the manifestation" in a world of "Anti-Matter" is less of a similar pulse in the world "Matter" - their correlation is 0,7/1).
Herewith, it is necessary to understand that electrical keyzons, which are falling into the structure formed by "information matrix", in each moment of their passing through mentioned "barrier" ("quantum membrane") are changing its charges onto opposite (i.e. "plus" onto "minus" and inversely), however the wholeness of all construction herewith is saving.
This "oscillatory process" and brings about that state of "unceasing shimmer of physical bodies", which was mentioned above.
It should be noted that there is only one structure, which liberally passes through "quantum membrane" without changing, and which can exist both as in the world of the "Matter", and in the world "Anti-Matter". This particle is a neutrino. This structure represents the realization of "information matrix", which consists of 8 cells, in which instead of the keyzons, the cavitons are there residing. Therefore, this "matrix" has not a polarization, so far as the cavitons have not a spin moment. 

12.  Structural elements of atom.

In accordance with traditional presentation, the construction of electronic shells of atoms of any types looks as a set of concentric spheres, being created by the groups of rotating electrons.
Which the functional essence of this construction?
From the point of view "Cosmological Physics" this construction is not only energy insulation of the nucleus of atom but represents a certain "matching network" (transformer), which realizes a function of co-ordination of information potentials of the nucleus of atom, from one side, with information potential of surrounding area - from another side [9].
The electrical keyzons surrounding each electron, which inheres on concrete stationary orbit, are revolving around them just as the satellites are rotating around of the planet.
Therefore, each electronic shell of the atom represents in itself a "layer", being formed by revolving electrons, what in turn is "shrouded" by cloud of the keyzons, which is addressing around each of them. This creates the certain information potential of each concrete shell.
The electron shell of the atom is a complex structure - its "information matrix" represents a combination of several "matrixes" that belong to diverse subspaces. All this structure consists of 16 negative electrical keyzons, herewith ten keyzons from circulate on a spiral along a circular orbit (being in orthogonal towards an orbit), forming a "spatial torus". Above, its orbit passes through the vertexes of central square of octahedron (6 keyzons are in the center), which serves as the basis of all structure (of a shell). This octahedron is an abovementioned prime structural form - by electron. This total structure is revolving and forms in three-dimensional space a "spherical shell".
Such "particle" as a "proton" contains inwardly a "positron" - as a central structure of all own construction.  Practically it is a "portal" from the world of "Anti-Matter", which is surrounded with two "protective layers" formed by the seven shells each. The first goes seven shells what are formed by negative electrical keyzons, and then - the second seven shells, what are built from positive electrical keyzons, and they surround the first "protective layer". Each shell - there is a rotating dodecahedron, formed by 20 electrical keyzons. That construction ensures the stability of the "proton" and as well the electrical charge of "proton", equal to the charge of the "positron" being situated inside the centre of that structure.
A "neutron" is different from the "proton" by presence of additional outer "electron shell", what due to negative charge of an electron compensates the positive charge at the center of the structure (of a "positron") - same and there is an explanation of electro-neutrality of this "particle". Upon disinteration of this outer shell, an octahedron (prime structural form), which was resided into a centre of all structure flies away as a "free electron". The remains of electron shell - ten keyzons, from which was formed abovementioned "spatial torus", are returning into a primary ambience of "without-spatial Matter." In result of disinteration of such outer electron shell, in which was contained one electron with own negative charge, the "neutron" transforms into "proton".

13.  The particularity of structure of radioactive atoms.

The construction of the atom of a radioactive substance differs from non-radioactive atom by another placement of electrical and magnetic keyzons in certain areas of its structure [9]. First, the nucleus of such atom is surrounded by a "grid" of interconnected magnetic keyzons.
The process of radioactive disinteration is associated with change in the state of that "grid" under the influence of "action codes" of The Absolutes, what manages by a program that exists in "information matrix". Herewith, the disinteration of the "grid" may occur as in one moment, as well as by step-like manner (depending on concrete atom). So far as the quantity of magnetic keyzons, what are forming a "grid" is equal to the "mass number" of element, the probability of the step-like process of disinteration increases with increase of the quantity of keyzons, i.e. with increase of the "mass number". The maximum quantity of the phases of the disinteration of the "grid" is 3. Total collection of magnetic keyzons of a "grid" forms the "information potential" of a "grid". The "information potential" of a nucleus of the atom, formed by amount of electrical keyzons, what being situated in space between of the "protons", and "information potential" of abovementioned "grid" are equal. The value of such "information potential" of a nucleus of the atom - in electrical keyzons, is equal to the "mass number" divided in quantity of its electronic shells. (So, for instance, for isotope 137Cs its importance will constitute: 137/6=22.8(3) keyzons). From a condition of equality of "information potentials" of a nucleus and a "grid" is possible to define a correlation between the values of "information potentials" of electrical and magnetic keyzon.
So, for 137Cs: potential of a nucleus in 22.8(3) electrical keyzons is equal to a potential the "grid", what is constituted from 137 magnetic keyzons.
Thence, correlation between the "information potentials" of magnetic and electrical keyzons is: 137/22.8(3) = 6.0000001 i.e. "information potential" of electrical keyzon in 6 times exceeds respective "potential" of magnetic keyzon.
There is one more peculiar difference of radioactive atoms. In the structure of their nucleuses there are two additional neutrons - as compared to the number of neutrons in the nucleuses of same non-radioactive atoms.
When abovementioned "grid" decays under the influence of "action codes", immediately is arising an "excess" of "information potential" of nucleus of such radioactive atom. Necessary unset of this "excess" of "information potential" of the nucleus is realizing by the transformation of one additional "neutron" - into a "proton", simultaneously this "neutron" sends an electron of own outer shell - in direction towards outside electron shell of the atom. As a result of this - such a nucleus acquires an additional "proton" that, in combination with the second additional "neutron", is forming the nucleus, which answers the description of the next element of the periodic table.
"Thrown away" from the converting neutron, free electron captures 10 new negative electrical keyzons from "without-spatial Matter" and forms a new outer electron shell, simultaneously forming total structure of electron shells of the atom of next element in the periodic table.

14. Radioactive radiation.

From the very beginning, it is well to underline, that does not exist of radioactive disinteration of atoms to the extent in accustomed for modern physics a sense of "spontaneous disinteration".  All acts are occurring only under the direction of The Absolutes, including, as well and that process of the transformation of substance. The process of radioactive disinteration of the atom, accompanied by γ-radiation there is the programmed process of releasing the information storing in the atom [9].

"Gamma radiation" - this is radiation, which consists of two interconnected components (of two streams):
- an energy component,
- an information contents in the manner of stream of the solitons (magnetic keyzons of "grid"); they and present the actual information.
It is well to note that atoms of varied radioactive elements have diverse volume of information in its nucleuses. The reason of this is inclosed in the difference of number magnetic keyzons in a "grid", that is surrounding the nucleuses of atoms, so γ-radiation of radioactive isotopes are differing as by an informative filling so and by energy intensity.  The information difference is inclosed in a quantity of magnetic keyzons, in a filling of this keyzons by the cavitons and in a structure of solitons, formed from keyzons in accordance with "action codes".
Energy difference is conditioned by difference of energy of connection magnetic keyzons in a "grid". Measured energy of γ-quantum - and there is energy of this connection. Therefore, radiation, as such, represents in itself the spectrum of waves (or quantum), distinguished as by the frequency, as well as and by energy.
The structure of such "quasi-electromagnetic" wave is similar to the structure of known electromagnetic wave: "magnetic" solitons (what are consisting of magnetic keyzons) are situated in the field of minimum of amplitude of the wave of energy component (in its zero point); the amplitude of this wave represents in itself a tension of energy potential, which varies between zero and its maximum.
Thus, it may be inclosed, that γ-radiation is an indicator of presence of the information flow, and, measuring intensity of this radiation, can be possible to calculate and intensity of the most information flow (the coefficient of proportion of intensities of these flows is 1.8).
As contrasted with γ-radiation, the source of β-radiation is inside of the "information matrix", and same the beginning of general radioactive disinteration is producing due to the realignment of the "information matrix" under the influence of program, in turn being managed by an "action codes" of The Absolutes.
It is well to note, that radioactivity is not only abovementioned manner of the translation (transferring) of information in the material world, but there is also a universal method of the restructuring this world. This is a specific tool of The Absolutes for the continuous realignment and transmutation of the "Matter". The streams of radioactive atoms in the Universe function as the source of the information, has been carrying this information from the world of "Anti-Matter" into the world of "Matter". Each radioactive atom has been created by own "multidimensional space", and this atom carries the information about own "plan", in which it was born, into the world of "Matter". All of abovementioned is necessary for The Absolutes that in each point of the multidimensional Universe should be presented all information about all the "plans",  should be  implemented a constant interconnection of all over, and that herewith in all over should be  continuously reflected the all dynamics of The Universe.

15. Conclusion.

At a present completive stage of existence of our Fifth Human Civilization on the planet Earth, there still exists a possibility of rapid realignment of the Consciousness of Society by way of forced changing of existed natural scientific paradigm - for the reason of quick transformation of "world perception" in the Community. Possibly, this - a last chance for adduction of the public consciousness to the state although some corresponding with the "Cosmic Laws" (i.e. "Laws of Universe") - with the aim of increasing a quantity of representatives of modern Mankind, having a chance to pass onto the following stage of Evolution. In formed modern situation in the world, only rapid replacement of dominant paradigm will raise the "information potential of Civilization" to such an extent, what it will create the possibility of more safely entering of planet into the space of Universe with compacted energy. Society spiritualizing is interfaced with change of ideals and "world perception" and, consequently, with change of the principles, methodologies and methods of the education and unbringing, therefore in that critical instant, defining a further fate of Mankind, extremely important to «propagandize observance of the "Cosmic Laws", spreading the knowledge about all Laws, and Main Law, which is a holder of all Universe - a "Law of Measure"! Just observance of this Law will save the planet from inconvertible destruction; just observance of this Law will wake the consciousness of each person. The change of the consciousness there is a medicine for all threats - and from our diseases, and from cosmic catastrophes. Each of you by your consciousness is approaching or is removing a similar prophecy» [10], [11].
The central task of the shaping of new "world perception" in Society, which should be decided for modern stage as soon as possible, there is shaping of all embracing comprehension of the compubiquity and primariness of the Consciousnesses of Absolutes in all of, without of exception, processes, occurring in the Universe [12].
The shaping a new natural scientific paradigm is necessary to realize on the base of the authentic knowledge about the Universe, different from existed in modern society, so far as the knowledge, by which a modern science disposes, is a powerless before abovementioned principal calling of 21-th century. Based upon a method of materialistic dialectics, terrestrial science is unable neither to contribute for the preparation of Mankind to forthcoming "Transition", nor even explain the essence and sense of it - on the strength of impossibility of the understanding the realities, that is beyond the scope of the three-dimensional "world of dense matter", knowledge of "laws of the nature" of what and is reflecting by this science. 
As contrasted with traditional approach of knowledge - the "Cosmological Physics" [3], presenting a new paradigm in "natural history", allows to form the new understanding of the sense of existence of the hierarchical structure and nature of the intercoupling in multivariate continuum, what is presenting "All of   Existence".
Under development in "Cosmological Physics" the main principles allow to learn the essence of such notions, as "vacuum" and "world ether" to understand the principles of existence of the Universe as a unique "multivariate hierarchical structure", being formed by means of intercoupling of "All of Being" into a common   "Information Field", being generated by the Consciousness of Absolutes.
The most important in given presentation there is an awareness about of compubiquity and primariness of the "Consciousnesses of Absolutes" in all of, without exception, the processes, what is occurring in the Universe.
This new level of the knowledge is basing upon same ancient methodology of the cognition (being determined by us as "meta-dialectics"), what always was the foundation of "esoteric knowledge", whose presentations are broadly used in this work [13].
 The "Theory of "Information Field" of the Universe", being central part of the "Cosmological Physics", demonstrates the new vector for the evolution of the physical science, as well as for all of, without exception, applied technical directions, representing in itself of a base for any future ecological permissible technology for provision of the activity of a human society.
By knowing structure of the Universe, the main Laws of the action and interactions of composite parts, of characteristic of the "Information Field" of the Universe, becomes possible:
- understanding and reproduction in terrestrial conditions circumstance of the creation of "Pra-Matter";
- using of a structured scheme of the Universe as analogue, for realizing the transformation in terrestrial conditions of the energy of  the "Information Field" into the sources of the ecological clean energy;
- installation of a constant information relationship with "Universal Mind" - that will give the new stimulus for the further development of the terrestrial civilization.


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