As we read through the CONCEPTUAL COMMENTS written by Dr. Liubov Gordina, we immediately felt a need of unity, as well as a sense of urgency for the necessary convergence of ideas and ideals, men of all cultures uniting into a single Mankind, described or conceptualized not in its greatness but in its fragility and vulnerability vis-à-vis the great risks that we are facing.  Furthermore, this text not only inspires us but urges us to help, to cooperate, and furthermore, to dive deep into our consciousness and ask:  Who is God, anyway, in the context of modern science? And who am I? what am I doing here? Is it clear for me how I am part of the great work?  Thus, initially humble and uncertain, we must start to think, meditate, and finally absorb what is being considered the “quintessence of human thought” as Dr. Liubov Gordina has synthesized this paramount human endeavor.

Initially presented during the 2nd PLANETARY CONGRESS ON THE BIOSPHERIC RIGHTS, which took place in Brasilia, Brazil, in September of 2006, right in the Preamble, the Six Pressure Points, as compiled by BBC were recognized by all participants, as being crucial points for our survival: food, water, energy, climate change, bioversity, and pollution, proposing consideration of a 7th pressure point about human population growth, without which none of the previous problems would exist.  The following focus dealt with Pax Cultura – Pax Biosphera, along with proposals for operations aiming earth rescue, Mission 2012, and planetary peace plans. Then, the Goals of the Congress were presented, along with the general Statement of the Problem, emphasizing that “it was not a biospheric crisis, but a noospheric emergency envisioning the regeneration of Planet Earth”.

It was during the presentation of the topic: “The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition: Biosphere – Technosphere-Cybersphere”, that we became aware of the magnificent contribution of Vladimir Vernadsky, one of the co-originators of the term noosphere (1926), of his paper on “The Biosphere and Noosphere” and finally, his ideas “Thinking about the Noosphere – the Noospheric Solution”.  Immediately, we sensed the urgency to extend our studies towards Vernadsky´s ideas as well as accompany the leading role being exerted by Russian scientists, as Liubov Gordina, Ph.D., who brilliantly exposed the contributions of NSEWA – WORLD ASSEMBLY OF SPIRITUAL/ECOLOGICAL AND NOOSPHERIC, also referred to as the NOOSPHERIC ASSEMBLY.

During the short span of time that Dr. Liubov Gordina and colleagues were with us, it was evident that a major step should be taken in order to register their presence nationwide, and towards this goal, Dr. Ulisses Riedel de Resende, Director President of PLANETARY UNION, a Brazilian independent network, was contacted and so, she was kindly invited for an interview by Brazilian Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Luis Brun, later transmitted to all its partner-stations. Not only  she conquered the audience by her artistic talent as a soprano, granting us the privilege of her singing, but also by the marvelous presentation of the NOO-CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND.

This moment was destined to be a successful step towards partnership as well as friendship, uniting our countries and our common ideals.  A special workshop was conducted during the afternoons of the Conference, dealing specifically with the NOO-CONSTITUTION; the group then elaborated a Resolution, which was duly presented at the end of our work, announcing the general accepted statements as well as the decisions taken.¹  One of them was the “approval of the activity of the World Assembly in the distribution of ideas of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind as a legal base in overcoming consumeristic attitude to life-support habitat and as the main tool for interaction between the civil communities and the leaders of all levels, including the “Alliance  of Civilization”, a high-level group established on the initiative of Kofi Annan, then General Secretary of the UN.

Needless to say, the impact of what  seemed to be a “ONCE AND FOR ALL SOLUTION” would demand of us, as human beings, further meditation and correct actions, in compliance with all the vanguard propositions of such a group of writers and contributors to the human causes, aiming to protect all the environment and its beings.  The universal character of the Noo-Constitution, indeed sounds to us a the dream of “quintessence”, since it is an integrated piece of work, inspiring and engaging us to major internal and external transformations, and above all, uniting us as Mankind.  Duly structured as a legal instrument, the text of the Noo-Constitution contemplates all the major and crucial issues now being dealt by the various people and countries, as discussed in all major world forums, allowing the choice of interaction of each one, within our own domain or activity of life, since it is an all inclusive document, to be appreciated by everyone, giving us a chance to be part of this historical instrument of Peace and Understanding.  Thus, we Brazilians, are deeply grateful for the opportunity which was opened by Dr. Liubov Gordina.

May the Noo-Constitution be read as a collective contribution of human beings, primarily concerned with World Peace and Sustainability , whom we can consider as Men of Good Will. 

May the Noo-Constitution be treated, respected and enriched with further scientific studies, and above all, with the Spiritual Light that all pervades.

We would like now to present briefly, several views, opinions and considerations of those who have already impacted us with their lines of thought:

I – HOMAGE TO FRIEDRICH W.J. SHELLING – (1775-1854) - Philosopher


“Schelling proposed an alternative to the encroaching materialism so dreaded by the Romantic thinkers of his time: an evolutionary idealism.  As the opposite of materialism, the philosophy of idealism held that consciousness, not matter, was the ultimate basis of realityAnd once combined with a scientific understanding of evolution, Schelling realized, idealism would represent a force with which all serious thinkers of the Enlightenment would have to contend.

Envisioning an epic process of cosmic evolution, in which an unmanifested realm of pure consciousness, or absolute spirit, is actively manifesting itself as the world of time and space, through a series of increasingly complex and conscious forms – from matter to life to mind and beyond, Schelling wrote: 

“It is the universal spirit of nature that gradually
 structures raw matter. 
 From bits of moss, in which
hardly any trace of organization is visible, 
to the most noble  form, which seems to have broken the chains of matter, one and the same drive governs.  This operates according to one and the same ideal of purposiveness and presses forward into infinity
 to express one and  the same archetype,
 namely, the pure form of our consciousness.”

The famous poet and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, when first encountered Schelling in 1798, was immediately impressed by him and soon took the young man under his influential wing.  (WIE, #35,pg.78)

(The title of our text “ONCE AND FOR ALL” was thus inspired in Schelling´s evolutionary idealism, which the
author feels, does impregnate the text of the Noo-Constitution and our work being done here).

II - VLADIMIR IVANOVICH VERNADSKY (1863-1945) and his Revolutionary Theory of the Biosphere and the Noosphere


“Living matter gives the biosphere an extraordinary character, unique in the universe... Cosmic energy determines the pressure of life that can be regarded as the transmission of solar energy to the Earth's surface... Activated by radiation, the matter of the biosphere collects and redistributes solar energy, and converts it ultimately into free energy capable of doing work on Earth...

A new character is imparted to the planet by this powerful cosmic force. The radiations that pour upon the Earth cause the biosphere to take on properties unknown to lifeless planetary surfaces, and thus transform the face of the Earth... In its life, its death, and its decomposition an organism circulates its atoms through the biosphere over and over again”. (Vladimir Vernadsky, Biosfera, 1926)

It is essentially Vernadsky's concept of the biosphere... that we accept today. (Evelyn Hutchinson, The Biosphere, 1970)

I look forward with great optimism. I think that we undergo not only a historical, but a planetary change as well. We live in a transition to the noosphere.
(Vladimir Vernadsky, The Biosphere and the Noosphere, 1945)

Vernadsky first popularized the concept of the noosphere and deepened the idea of the biosphere to the meaning largely recognized by today's scientific community. The word 'biosphere' was invented by Austrian geologist Eduard Suess, whom Vernadsky met in 1911. In Vernadsky's theory of the Earth's development, the noosphere is the third stage in the earth's development, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transformed the biosphere.  In this theory, the principles of both life and cognition are essential features of the Earth's evolution,   and must have been implicit in the earth all along. This systemic and geological analysis of living systems complements Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, which looks at each individual species, rather than at its relationship to a subsuming principle. 

Vernadsky was one of the first scientists to recognize that the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere result from biological processes. During the 1920s, he published works arguing that living organisms could reshape the planets as surely as any physical force. Vernadsky was an important pioneer of the scientific bases for the environmental sciences. (Source – Wikipedia)

Much time will have to pass before the historian of science will be able to review the vast scientific legacy of Vernadsky and fully grasp the depth and many-sidedness of his influence. (Alexander Vinogradov, Development of V.I. Vernadsky's Ideas, 1963)
  Above selection of quotes -  by Irina Trubetskova
Department of Natural Resources
University of New Hampshire, irina@cisunix.unh.edu

III - PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN (1881-1955) wrote in his famous book “The Future of Man”


Gradually situated by life at this critical point
 in the evolution of Mankind, what ought we to do?
 We hold earth´s future in our hands. 
What shall we decide?
  In my view, the road to be followed
is clearly revealed by the teaching of all the past.

We can progress only by uniting: 
this, as we have seen, is the law of Life.
 But unification through coercion
 leads only to a superficial pseudo-unity.
  It may establish a mechanism,
 but it does not achieve any fundamental synthesis;
 and in consequence, it engenders
 no growth of consciousness.
 It materializes, in short, instead of spiritualizing. 
Only unification through unanimity is biologically valid.
  This alone can work the miracle of causing 
heightened personality
to emerge from the forces of collectivity.
 It alone represent a genuine extension
 of the psychogenesis that gave us birth.
Therefore, it is inwardly
that we must come together, and in entire freedom.

But this brings us to the last question of all:
  To create this unanimity, we need the bond, as I said,
 the cement of a favoring influence. 
Where shall we look for it?
 how shall we conceive of this principle of togetherness,
 this soul of the earth?
 Is it to be in the development of a common vision, 
that is to say,
the establishment of a universally 
accepted body of knowledge,
 in which all intelligences will join in knowing the same facts interpreted in the same way?

Or will it rather be in common action,
in the determination of an Objective
 universally recognized as being so desirable
 that all activity will naturally converge
 towards it under the impulse of
a common fear and a common ambition?
 These two kinds of unanimity and undoubtedly real,
and will, I believe, have their place in our future progress.
 But they need to be complemented
by something else if they are not to remain
 precarious, insufficient and incomplete.
  A common body of knowledge
that brings together nothing but the
 geometrical point of intelligences.
 A common aspiration, no matter how ardent,
 can only touch individuals indirectly
 and in an impersonal way that is depersonalizing in itself.

It is not a tête-à-tête or a corps-à-corps that we need;
 it is a heart-to-heart.

This being so, the more I consider the fundamental question
of the future of the earth, the more it appears to me
 that the generative principle of its unification 
is finally to be sought,
not in the sole contemplation of a single Truth
or in the sole desire for a single Thing,
but in common attraction exercised by a single Being.
 For…if the synthesis of the Spirit is 
to be brought about in its entirely
 (and this is the only possible definition of progress),
it can only be done, in the last resort,
through the meeting, center to center, of human units,
 such as can only be realized in the universal, mutual love.”


KEN WILBER argues for the value of mystical realization and in opposition to metaphysical naturalism: Are the mystics and sages insane? Because they all tell variations on the same story, don't they? The story of awakening one morning and discovering you are one with the All, in a timeless and eternal and infinite fashion. Yes, maybe they are crazy, these divine fools. Maybe they are mumbling idiots in the face of the Abyss. Maybe they need a nice, understanding therapist. Yes, I'm sure that would help. But then, I wonder. Maybe the evolutionary sequence really is from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit, each transcending and including, each with a greater depth and greater consciousness and wider embrace. And in the highest reaches of evolution, maybe, just maybe, an individual's consciousness does indeed touch infinity - a total embrace of the entire Kosmos - a Kosmic consciousness that is Spirit awakened to its own true nature. It's at least plausible. And tell me: is that story, sung by mystics and sages the world over, any crazier than the scientific materialism story, which is that the entire sequence is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing? Listen very carefully: just which of those two stories actually sounds totally insane?
Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything, 42–3



“You have seen the papers.
You´ve watched the TV reports.
You know how the debate on evolution is always framed.
Darwin vs. God. Science vs. Religion.
Evolution vs. Creationism.
Reason and Rationality vs. Belief and Faith.
That´s the evolution debate we hear about
In the mass media these days….
One that is causing consternation everywhere…

But even as the culture wars rage and endless straw men
are sent to their graves, we at WIE² would like to suggest
a different approach.
Because what is portrayed about evolution in today´s media
more often than not implies a false choice,
an artificial polarization between two extremes.
In fact, here is another evolution debate going on 
behind the scenes,
one that is broader, deeper, subtler, and much more profound.

And it is not just a debate between 
Science and Spirituality.
It´s also about what kind of science
and what kind of spirituality we are talking about.”


When human consciousness becomes coherent and synchronized, the behavior of random systems may change. Quantum event based random number generators (RNGs) produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. The probability is less than one in a billion that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging NOOSPHERE, or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures. 

Roger Nelson (USA, the Princeton University) - Doctor of Science, Director of “The Global Consciousness Project” Center http://www.youtube.com/user/rdnelson#p/u/0/THel-bm7UUc

“The Global Consciousness Project uses experimental research technology to identify and learn about a still-very-young consciousness for the earth. This global consciousness is formed by the interconnection and interaction of human beings all over the world, just as the mind is formed by the interaction of neurons in the brain. In the brain, cooperation is the rule, but in the world it is the exception. The global consciousness coalesces only when great events bring us together, make us focus and temporarily share understanding and emotion. The Noo-Constitution is a framework within which we can come together. The scientific evidence provided by GCP is part of the educational and political picture: humanity must recognize its responsibility to refocus its creativity. The Noo-Constitution is a framework within which we can come together.

The Noo-Constitution defines an enormous challenge for today and the years to come. It is to change the understanding of the mass of humanity by re-framing where we are and what our alternatives are for the future. To survive and prosper, we need to give resources and intelligence to our maturation as fully human beings. For this we must interact in a way that is new: it is time to recognize that we are humanity, an organism with purpose, no longer a scattered collection of elemental individuals. Scientific evidence for a global consciousness shows our interconnection and interdependence, which are fundamental to the viability of the Noo-Constitution. Broad public recognition of the noosphere will support a concerted effort to relearn how individuals, groups, communities, and nations relate to each other. The goal is interactions based on the common interests of health, safety, and respect for all beings. When we accept that the noosphere is possible, desirable, and within our reach, we will be on the way to our evolutionary destiny as a sheath of intelligence for the earth.

Human beings can and sometimes do connect or commune, unconsciously but effectively, to produce changes they cannot see but which model the changes we must achieve as a species that dominates the earth. The evidence supports V. I. Vernadsky's and Teilhard de Chardin's vision of the noosphere – a sheath of intelligence they believed would coat and protect the earth when humans advanced to the next stage of evolution.
The Noo-Constitution, as framed by L.Gordina and М.Limonad, provides a foundation and clear descriptions for a new, healthy and respectful relationship among peoples and the earth. (2006) 

It is time for us to recognize and adopt a Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution and in so doing lay the groundwork for the transition from biosphere to noosphere envisioned by Vernadsky and predicted by Teilhard.”
The above statements summarize the challenges facing the authors of the NOO-CONSTITUTION as well as ourselves; but the idea we have right from the beginning of the Noo-Constitution, the BASIC PROVISIONS, is that the Field of Application for the Noo-Constitution has already merged  through intention and collective action to reach all levels of Mankind, establishing norms of conduct based on spiritual as well as on ecological and scientific data, expanding even more, to include the  ‘Noospheric Principles’, so well captured and studied by its founders, Teilhard de Chardin, Vladimir Vernadsky and Jules Leroy, and by the scientists and thinkers of today´s modern world, co-authors of the Noo-Constitution.


Comments on the ideas of the Ven. THE DALAI LAMA,
by Karen Armstrong

“A rare, personal investigation of the astonishing connections between seemingly disparate topics, such as evolution and karma – challenging us to see that science and faith can work hand-in-hand to alleviate human suffering.  The Dalai Lama invites us to see them as complementary investigative approaches to truth, and a key to peace.

Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Niels Bohn, Einstein, Vernadsky, Chardin, Wilber…their insights shook our perception of who we are, what are we doing here, and where we stand in the world right now? We must face an uneasy coexistence:  science vs. religion, faith vs. empirical inquiry.  Which is the keeper of truth?  Which is the true path to understanding the present reality of the Earth and the crucial issue of Sustainability?

After forty years of study with some of the greatest scientific minds of the world, as well as a lifetime of meditative, spiritual, and philosophical study, the Dalai Lama presents to us his advice that a brilliant analysis of why all avenues of inquiry – scientific as well as spiritual – must be pursued in order for us to arrive at a complete picture of the truth.  Through an examination of Darwinism and Karma, quantum mechanics and philosophical insights into the nature of reality, neurobiology and the study of consciousness, the Dalai Lama draws significant parallels between contemplative and scientific examinations of the world around us, using different approaches to understanding ourselves, our universe, and one or the other can be brought together in the service of humanity.”


Russian born, Dr. Liubov Gordina is one of the great thinkers of our time, participating actively in order to promote world peace and recognition of the scientific and spiritual evidence of the Noosphere. (for more details about her curriculum, please visit her site www.nsewabrasil.blogspot.com).  She was present in Brazil to contribute with her work in Rio-92, and also gave an extraordinary contribution during the Rio+10 Summit, in Johannesbourg. She is bask to Brazil now, once again, to share and exchange ideas with the world public here present at Rio+20. Let’s give her a hand of applause as we welcome her in this important event.

By TANIA BELFORT, Representative of NSEWA in Brazil, and President of the Institution of Ethics and Human Values Star of Peace, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil.
More information - www.estrelinhasdapaz.blogspot.com

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