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International Scientific School of
Sustainable Development - (Russia, Dubna)

by Bolshakov Boris Evgenievich
Acting member of RANS, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor,
Chairman of the Chair for Sustainable Development of the
International University "Nature, Society, Man", in Dubna,
Director of the Scientific School of Sustainable Development.

       Professor Viacheslav Bobkov, Head of Moscow office of   
  the  International Scientific School of Sustainable Development
      Sustainable development – this is chrono-integral 
          process, agreed with general law of constant development 
          of the universal-planetary Life in the system 
From the Noo-Constitution for Mankind

Noosphere this is a universal semantic field of Conscience.
Conscience – is an ability to establish a and maintain a contact
with the Supreme Knowledge by means of apprehension and
the proper application of the general laws of Nature.
                               From the Noo-Constitution for Mankind

Dear Mr. Chairman, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!
Let me express my appreciation of possibility to present my views in your section. In this Summit I have the honour to represent International Scientific School of Sustainable Development, located in Dubna and I make this discourse under the instructions of professor B.E.Bolshakov, its Director.

Within the latest century, relations between human beings and the planet providing for men’s life activity have changed dramatically.
Ever increasing pollution of the environment, man-made and natural catastrophes happening virtually on a daily basis in different parts of our planet, a “soap balloon” of astronomical dimensions, not secured by real power that emerged as a consequence of the chrematistic[1]conscience that in turn brought short-sighted policies, corruption, terrorism, elevated mortality and poverty, a global systemic crisis – all the above factors have become elements of gigantic destructive power that has torn apart into separated pieces integral and Nature-originated unitary system of the Universal-Planetary life[2].
Euphoria from “successes” of the democratic reconstructions has been changed by feelings of distress and fear of the inadvertently approaching catastrophe of the Universal dimensions. It is becoming more and more clear necessity of harmonization of the interrelationship in the system universal nature – society – man[3]and of development of conscience upon universal laws of the Real World in the long-term perspective under conditions of the negative internal and external impacts.
Research made by Scientific School of Sustainable Development with the International University of Science, Society and Man in Dubna, have revealed that under impact of the Universal (Cosmic) torrents the Earth is self-organizing. Its movement in the Time- Space is externally governed by the Universal laws of Nature. We may assume that our Planet is an “ideal machine” subjected to universal laws of the space-time in the Real world (Nature). Violation of such laws represents the principal threat to Life on Earth.
It is quite possible that within nearest couple of centuries the Mankind will have to pass by the second planetary-cosmic critical point. And the Mankind should prepare itself ready to take upon itself the responsibility for conservation of Life on Earth, should become ready to enter into the Remote Space. But the Mankind should secure its right to do this. .
Here quite legitimate question would arise: “What are the Rights immanent to the Mankind as a whole?”
Human rights exist being the enormous exploit of the world society and of the United Nations. But man and mankind are quite different entities while having the joint roots. Equally laws of nature and legal laws have a common contained in a word ‘Law”. But legal laws may be cancelled under certain circumstances, while the laws of nature can be cancelled under no circumstances. We may only be able or be not able to use them properly. Similarly human rights may be cancelled or some rights may be substituted by some others. However the Right of Mankind as a whole to sustain development can be not cancelled as fundamental laws of conservation in the system nature – society – man. But this is not necessarily followed by the legal norms of responsibility for the destiny of the future generations. [1,2, 3].
In the space ship “Planet Earth”one separate compartment only can be not comfortably organized, it would just remind us “building of communism in one separate country”. The question is just how the mankind would enter the cosmic age, whether it is ready to solve the problems that will challenge our children within future programs of exploration of the Universe?
From the moment the Mankind penetrated to near Space this question challenges not only those singles who embarrassed themselves with its understanding, but also those who just not yet are but already becoming Personalities. Such attitude acquires sense if we would ask ourselves: what cultural heritage would be available for our children and grand-children in their cosmic future? It goes without saying – one should eat in order to live. And there for a long time will be people who live for eating. But there will be more and more people who eat in order to live.
"To live creating things that our ancestors protected from destruction."

Only having realized greatness of such super-task we may weaken combination of conflicts that are tearing apart the Mankind.
Within framework of such super-task, but as an integral part of it we shall construe a task of making comfortable our home ship “Planet Earth”.
The above said may be defined as apprehension of the cosmic mission of the Conscience. Such apprehension defines all-mankind scale of all human deeds. And question “Why, what for you live?” will acquire more and more importance for everyone.
It would be mistaken to assume that problems of limits to development, of genocides and of the links of Earth with the Universe are being studied only by fundamental science. Such links bother and interest all people irrespective of their nationality, age, sex, profession or religious beliefs and social status.
The All-Russian Patriarch Alexiy the 2nd brilliantly formulated sense of life as follows:
«The principal theses may be formulated as follows: sense of the life of Mankind as a whole is a struggle against all forms of increase of entropy»[3].
We assume that such definition of the sense of life amounts to apprehension of the law of maintenance of development of Cosmo-planetary life[4].
Trying to apprehend it we understood that all talks about democracy, freedom, equality, brotherhood, market, socialism, capitalism – are not more bringing us closer to the Truth and will not help a transition to sustainable development of the Mankind.
In reality nothing could be changed without free agreement of Man; therefore we need not talks, but concrete deeds aimed at liberation of Man from indigence.
Only deeds, not words will lead us to salvation.
A Man who understood, what is salvation does not have a problem of salvation, he is only in need of a salvation.
And only having realized the situation as his own personal life need, as more and more acute illness a Man starts looking for ways to salvation.
Now we realize that struggle against growth of entropy and process providing for growth of useful power are only two names for the unitary creative process of projecting sustainable development of the future world, the process that would comply with the Reason and Will of the Creator.
Thus every act of creative illumination of the Personality opening the new possibilities before Mankind is an Divine Gift of the Creator to its co-creator on the way of transition of the system nature – society – man to sustainable development in harmony with the Universal Law.
The input of politics into sustainable development of a country, region, world society should be evaluated by change of the pace of growth of the possibilities (useful power) of the Mankind as a whole.
We know Human rights, but we still do not possess the rights of Mankind as a whole. Absence of such rights means only lack of protection of Mankind against possible genocide. So the Rights of Mankind should be developed and adopted at the UN General Assembly to become the principal law of conservation of Mankind providing for the right of Mankind for sustainable development in the foreseeable (unlimited) perspective.
The first step in this way has become a Concept of the Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Noo-Constitution) revealed at the exhibition of the UN Information Center of UNESCO, as well as in Representative offices and centers of NSEWA (Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly), acting in all continents. Representatives of more than 50 nations supported the idea that would guarantee the Mankind’s right for sustainable growth of possibilities to satisfy lasting need of civilization in maintenance of development of cosmo-planetary life on Earth.
The authors of this discourse also believe that Noo-Constitutions should be thoroughly discussed as the global initiative supported by the world society.
As a rule the state organs in charge of development and realization of programs for sustainable development are missing within governmental structures, and consequently the state policy in the field of sustainable development is missing either in the countries and world regions.
And where it is existing (at least formally) it is not provided for with the real legislative bases. Also missing are drafting technologies for projecting the sustainable development agreed with the natural laws of maintenance of development of the cosmo-planetary life.
Thus we are again facing a question of principle: who in the modern world is in charge of the Mankind’s sustainable development?
And if such question remains suspended in the thin air, it only means that the world is in captivity of the running events and may fall again into the critical situation. But this new critical situation will be much more dangerous than the previous one.
We speak about critical situation among the mankind and cosmo-natural environment, being the global political problem of mankind.
It is well known that all conflicts are the struggle for the power sources. Resolution of the conflicts makes a subject of the legislative theory.
Within latest couple of centuries the legislative sphere remains in permanent conflict with the system of money circulation. Samples of the clear display of such conflicts are facts of corruption, burglary, violence, and terrorism etc. It’s easy to assume that under such state of affaires all conflicts transform themselves into a battle for money.
But facts of corruption are just the tip of an iceberg. It’s hidden part is concealing not lack of money (the American FRS can print as much paper dollars as they would need and more), but rough violation not only legal requirements, but also of the fundamental laws of Nature.
We may put a question about relationship between Law of Nature and Law of Legislation. How the laws governing phenomena of the Cosmo-planetary life are linked with the laws governing subjective apprehension by the human being of the surrounding phenomena through the money circulation?
It may seem that we have a contradictory situation. On the one hand all conflicts are a battle for the power sources governed by the Law of Nature. On the other hand – all conflicts are struggle for money, governed by the Law of Legislation.
Relationship among laws of Legislation and laws of Nature exists but it is far from being obvious, as well as far from being trivial is link between flows of money and of the energy-information flows.
This link should be established on the legal basis and presented to the world society in the form of the Legal Law – a definite Code of Mankind’s Rights[5], expressed in available and universal language of natural laws of conservation of the Cosmo-planetary Life [1].
Such form may be represented by the Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind[6], which embeds cosmo-noospheric track of the sustainable development of the world society [2].
Founders of such way of development are the prominent thinkers and scholars – representatives of the International Scientific School such as C.E.Tsiolkovsky (1857 – 1936), V.I.Vernadsky (1863 -1945), Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955), Jose Arguelles (1936 – 2011), R. Bartini (1897 – 1974), P.G.Kuznetsov (1924 – 2000), and V.P.Kaznacheev.
The well known thinker and scholar Jose Arguelles once said: «...Noosphere Constitution will define the vector of civilization development in the third millenium».
We also address the hierarchs of all confessions,  politicians, public figures, representatives of science, of the arts and of the business circles, as we see the increasing danger of genocide for the major part of the Mankind. The elimination of such threat, we believe, may be achieved by united acts consonant with the Reason and Will of the Creator i.e. –  Nature.
Thank you all for your attention!

[1][1] Chrematistic – is a term introduced by Aristotle (4rth century B.C.) to describe activity related to self enrichment at the expense of others and by any means.
[2][2] One may read definition of the universal-planetary life in the work by B.E.Bolshakov “Fundamental and applicable problems of management of sustainable development/sustainable innovational development: projecting and management”Vol. 7 №3(12), 2011 at: www.rypravlenie.ru, available for free.
[3][3] According to Russian protoscientific tradition definition of Nature is equal to Reason for being. Thus the Cosmo-nature is a Universal reason for being.
[4][4] More details on the law of sustainment of cosmo-planetary life one may read in the work by B.E.Bolshakov “Fundamental and applicable problems of management of sustainable development/sustainable innovational development: projecting and management” Vol. 7 №3(12), 2011 at: www.rypravlenie.ru, available for free; B.E.Bolshakov “System of universal measures – laws in the science of sustainable development// sustainable innovational development: projecting and management” Vol. 7 №4(13), 2011. at: www.rypravlenie.ru, available for free.
[5][5] The idea of the Code of the Rights of Mankind was formulated by P.G.Kuznetsov, O.L.Kuznetsov and B.E.Bolshakov in their work:“System nature – society – man, sustainable development” М.: Ноосфера, 2000. – 360 с. [3].
[6][6] A concept of the pilot project of Noo-Constitution was developed by L.S.Gordina and M.Yu. Lemonad [2].

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