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Speech delivered by Skornyakov Alexander Victorovich
during the Earth Summit held in 
Rio de Janeiro, June 17, 2012

Acting member of RANS and IAEBP, Chairman of the Council of the Consumers Society for Development of Social Systems «РА-ДОМ», Member of the Scientific School of Sustainable Development .

Dear Colleagues,
         We prepared this Report to be delivered on the pulpit of the World Forum “Rio + 20” in order to attract the world public attention to the prominent date: on the 12th of March in 2013 we shall celebrate 150 years anniversary of the birth date of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, the outstanding Russian scholar, natural scientist, thinker and public figure.
         Name of V.I.Vernadsky is closely tied with the whole époque in development of natural science, in establishment and development of a number of spheres of science that defined its progress not only in the XX century, but in the running 21st century as well.   
         He stood at the outlets of such branches of Earth studies as genetic mineralogy, crystallography, geological chemistry, biological geo-chemistry, radiology, cosmo-chemistry; he also was a co-founder of study of natural waters, chrono-radiology, chrono-bio-geo-chemistry, chrono-bio-geology; he also made noticeable input into studies of sociology of science and into a number of other fields of scientific studies.
          In recognition of the Vernadsky’s input into development of the world civilization UNESCO included his jubilee into a list of memorable dates of the world history in the year 2013.  The President Vladimir Putin supported the relevant address of the Russian public and recommended to mark the Vernadsky’s jubilee at the governmental level. The festivities on this occasion are now in the process of preparation in Russia.
           Here at the pulpit of “RIO + 20” we represent Russian followers of the Vernadsky’s ideas and we are participants in further development of his scientific school of studies of Biosphere and Noosphere.
         You certainly know that Vernadsky’s achievements in studies of biosphere are the most important basis of development of the contemporary views on ecological problems. And his studies of Noosphere without exaggeration laid a foundation of the great Project on development of mankind on the Planet Earth. To-day this teaching is being advanced at the forefront of development of Science of the Mankind. 
         V.I.Vernadsky defined Noosphere as a new state of the biosphere, where the scientific thought as a planetary phenomenon together with collective conscience are becoming factors defining geological and biosphere evolution. His teaching on Noosphere has laid a theoretical foundation, upon which Noosphere scientific school in Russia has been built and is currently further developing. We believe that scientific achievements of this School will adequately represent our country within international society.
      We would like to provide here some glimpses of establishment and development of the Vernadsky’s teaching. The first cycle of establishment of the Noosphere science in Russia we would define as a “Vernadskyansky’s cycle”. It was a period of scientific exploits of Vernadsky himself in the years of 1915 – 1945: development of the definition of Noosphere, creation of the theory of the living substance, of the autotrophy of the mankind etc. This period is also related with apprehension of the stream of ideas of the so called “Russian cosmism” (K.E.Tsiolkovsky and others), with enrichment of the concepts introduced by Vernadsky, such as intellectosphere, anthroposphere, with apprehension of the role of the human mind as a necessary Reason for the Nature.
         The second cycle of establishment Noosphere scientific school in Russia extended from mid-fifties till 90th years of the last century. We relate this period with a number of scientific achievements developing the Vernadsky’s teaching about Noosphere. Those include development of ideas on necessity of the harmonious joint development of the human being and its environment, i.e. of the biosphere, in other words of the so called the co-evolutionary paradigm of the Noosphere genesis. Such paradigm is tied with the scientific school of N.N.Moiseev. Very important moment in establishment of Noosphere, as Moiseev thought, would be a provision of the System “the Teacher” elevating the personality, envisaging necessity of impact on the human conscience of the family, school and of the public environment.  In the epoch of the Noosphere society the teacher’s personality will play the overwhelming role. To solve this task is currently an omnipotent, planetary problem.
         The cosmo-planetary measurement of Noosphere genesis can be mentioned as one more prominent achievement of this period. He thoroughly substantiated the fact that Biosphere of the Earth is revealing itself the complex self-regulating cosmo-planetary system.  It is actively absorbing the solar energy and cosmic radiation and is transforming its own components into highly organized bio-cosmic bodies.  It should be followed by a conclusion that any scalable study of the phenomena of the physical world should be correlated with the relevant study of the living substance and of the human being as the reasonable form of existence. Important in the creativity of V.P.Kaznacheev and of his disciples is formulation of the concept of the Black Hole. Its essence is in understanding that due to lagging behind in apprehension of the living substance on Earth the “black holes of comprehension” emerge. Such lagging behind may become a reason for disappearance of the mankind due to man-made and natural disasters.
        The Scientific school of the social ecology by A.D. Ursul at that time introduced its own input into development of scientific school of social ecology. He and his disciples raised a question on corridors of development of social sphere defined by its interrelation with the bio-sphere within bio-sphere as the macro-system.
We cannot avoid notion of such trend of development of the Noosphere teaching in Russia as Noosphere cybernetics (A.L.Yanshin and others) and Conceptual Ecology (N.F.Reymers and others).
         The third stage  of development of the Noosphere Scientific School in Russia began at the mid-nineties of the past century and is being maintained up till now. The essence of this period is in systematic development of the ideas of Vernadsky and of his followers.         
         We would like to stress here only two of the most streams of the ideas of this contemporary period of development of the Noosphere scientific school in Russia. The first one is related with establishment of the complex scientific school of Noospherism.  The second one – with elaboration of the organizational – legal norms of the basement for regulation of the movement of Mankind towards society of Noosphere Harmony.
         The nucleus of Noospherism is a scientific school of A.I.Subetto.  The principal part of his ideas is substantiation of the imperative of the future Noosphere genesis in the form of manageable socio-natural evolution on the basis of the social mind and educational society. The “Manifesto of the Noospheric socialism” published by A.I.Subetto shows that the ecological survival of the mankind in the 21st century has no alternative other than Noosphere socialist one. Mr. A.I.Subetto established and successfully manages fruitful activities of   the Social Noosphere Academy of Sciences.
         Organizational and legal norms and basics for management of the movement of mankind towards the society of Noosphere harmony are being developed by the scientific school of L.S.Gordina. Its nucleus is elaboration of the draft of the Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind. Mrs. Gordina successfully established and fruitfully manages activities of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly.
         Hundreds of scholars from different fields of knowledge are currently involved into the contemporary stage of realization of creative project to develop Noosphere ideas of  V.I.Vernadsky (V.N.Bobkov., V.N.Vasilenko, S.I.Grigoriev. G.M.Imamov, V.D.Komarov, O.L.Kuznetsov, I.K.Lisseyev, V.I.Patrushev, V.T.Frolov and others).  They have published hundreds of books, conducted scores of the scientific-practical forums and conferences; they are realizing pilot educational and practical projects of establishment of foundations for the Noosphere civilizations of the mankind. We have no doubt that practical and theoretical streams of their ideas from Russia will be usefully deployed by the whole mankind.   
We would suggest introducing into the Resolution of the World Forum “RIO + 20” the following provisions:
         1. To mark the important input by V.I. Vernadsky into development of ideas of the  future of the human civilization and of the Planet Earth. To support necessity to mark in the year 2013 the 150th anniversary of the V.I.Vernadsky’s birth by conducting a number of large international activities.  
         2. To mark the important input into creation of the image of the future society of Noosphere harmony by the Noosphere scientific school of Russia.   
       3. To appeal to the UN structures to come up to practical discussion and adoption of the Noospheric, Ethical, and Ecological Constitution for Humanity.



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